benefits of rugged monitor touch screen

Rugged touchscreen devices are used in industrial environments and must withstand various environmental conditions, including dust and water accumulation and harsh usage.

They must also be sunlight readable so they can be read in bright environments, and be durable enough to withstand drops and extreme operational temperatures.


Rugged monitor touch screens are specially-engineered to operate in different environments, offering capacitive touchscreen technology with tempered glass screens that are much more resistant than standard LCD displays and thus helping prevent accidental bumps and drops from damaging them. In addition, rugged touch screen monitors can withstand various climate conditions with their impressive temperature regulation capabilities.

An industrial LCD display with high brightness helps users read important information even under direct sunlight, helping reduce errors and boost productivity in the workplace. Furthermore, its rugged construction resists shocks and vibrations for maximum resilience in manufacturing applications. The SL200W’s rugged construction makes it suitable for use across a range of manufacturing settings.

LumiBond 2.0 from Getac provides higher-quality touch display technology by eliminating air gaps between touchscreen layers and LCD backlight layers, increasing touch accuracy and eliminating moisture condensation, as well as improving contrast, saturation, and visibility. A resin layer within this gap also protects from dust or liquid ingress.


Working in an industrial environment demands technology that can withstand constant usage. Industrial monitors and touchscreen displays are built for this, making them suitable for a range of different uses, from digital menu boards in restaurants to patient sign-in forms at medical facilities; they may also be utilized by military and marine forces.

Industrial rugged LCD monitors can withstand vibrations, shocks and temperatures that consumer grade computers cannot. They can be panel mounted into enclosures or attached via VESA mounting holes to a stand, arm, wall mount or armrest for convenient mounting options.

Durable rugged displays are less susceptible to damage caused by dust and moisture. Optic bonding creates what amounts to one piece of glass by eliminating air gaps between touchscreen and LCD layers that could trap dust or moisture over time.


Screens on rugged devices are of vital importance for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it must provide enough brightness for viewing outdoors; otherwise, users will encounter problems like glare or eye strain that compromise their viewing experience.

Rugged devices must also be highly responsive to touch. A rugged touchscreen must recognize pressure-activated input from fingers or styli in direct sunlight – something essential for industrial uses such as point of sale displays, digital menu boards in restaurants or patient sign-in forms in healthcare facilities.

Getac’s LumiBond 2.0 technology seamlessly responds to finger, glove, and stylus inputs in sunlight while providing up to 1,500 nits of brightness – more comfortable for the eye than typical consumer-grade laptop screens. Furthermore, Getac rugged monitors are designed and manufactured in-house from their main controller boards to auxiliary PCBs, LCD units, optical bonding technology housings as well as rigorous vibration, shock, altitude, and extreme temperature testing per MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 standards.


Rugged devices must be responsive enough to respond to touch or stylus input and be legible under sunlight; additionally, their displays must be bright enough so users can read all information displayed.

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Getac’s LumiBond 2.0 technology addresses both issues by optically bonding the capacitive touchscreen layer with LCD backlight layer into one solid piece of glass, eliminating an air gap and producing an LCD that’s stronger and resists moisture better than typical displays – as well as making sure capacitive touchscreen displays remain sunlight readable at all ambient conditions.

Rugged monitors and touch screens are essential tools for many industrial applications that require an intuitive graphical user interface for operating machinery, controlling equipment or viewing sensor data. These durable screens can withstand drops up to six feet while withstanding extreme operational temperatures while being resistant to abrasions or any form of abuse.



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