Does touchscreen work through HDMI?

Many of the new televisions that are being released today have built-in functionality to use a touch screen, but does this technology work through HDMI? When you use an older television and connect it to your TV, it uses a different type of connection Discover A Lot More

Can Cold Fingers Affect The Touch Screen?

The first thing that anyone must understand is that the human hand, including the fingers is very complexly connected to the screen. This is because it has many nerves, which are transmitting different sensations from the palm side of the human Discover A Lot More

Does Heat Affect Touch Screens?

A heated touch screen panel that has been used for years is the subject of a heated touch screen lawsuit against a company that marketed an infrared heating system. The system was meant to be used by medical personnel to treat burn patients. Discover A Lot More

Does Tempered Glass Affect Touch Sensitivity?

A lot of people have been asking about this question because a lot of products claim to be "tempered" when in reality, they are not. This is a very common problem and the most common reason why tempered glass is not what it claims to be is because Discover A Lot More

Is a Touch Screen a Sensor?

I've seen a lot of questions on people's blogs and forums asking about the exact same question, is a touch screen a sensor or is it nothing more than a capacitive membrane? There are basically two different technologies that make up modern cell Discover A Lot More

What Are the 2 Types of Touch Screen Monitors?

What are the 2 types of touch screen? You might have noticed that when you see a commercial for one of these devices, it is in the form of a palm pilot. What are the characteristics of this type of screen? The screen is made up of many tiny Discover A Lot More

6 Interesting Benefits of a Large Touch Screen Monitor For My Business in East Williston, NYC

There are several benefits of large touch screen monitors for your business in East Williston, NYC. This type of monitor can allow you to monitor all employees within a large space with ease. In fact, these monitors can be so useful that they may Discover A Lot More

10 Things to know about Touch Screen Toaster

The all new touch screen toaster will be the ultimate toaster. No longer limited to a bread topper, you can now toast the whole toaster in one step with a "touch screen" that responds to your touch. How cool is that? Well...if you're anything like Discover A Lot More



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