Does heat affect touch screens

A heated touch screen panel that has been used for years is the subject of a heated touch screen lawsuit against a company that marketed an infrared heating system. The system was meant to be used by medical personnel to treat burn patients. It was marketed as an alternative to warming pads or blankets. When the lawsuit was filed, there were several questions that needed to be answered.

Did the company know that heat affects the human body? If heat is felt after being touched then it is a problem that can only be corrected with proper cooling. There are three main reasons why heat affects the human body. First, heat slows down the metabolic rate. The body cannot function at the maximum efficiency if the metabolism is slowed. The second reason heat affects the screen is when a screen that is being touched warms too much for the body to handle.

The third reason why heat affects the system is if there is too much heat applied to the sensor. As the screen warms up the body must adjust thermal conductance. The human body cannot function under too much heat because the body’s organs do not know how to cope. The same symptoms are produced that occur during a cold attack.

Did the company have a real need for this product? It would seem reasonable to assume that a medical professional would use such a system but the company’s business model was based upon selling to military contractors. Military personnel live in a hot and humid environment. Their bodies are poorly suited to withstand heat. They also have been trained to be physically fit, which places added pressure on their touch-screen systems.

Was the heated pad marketed specifically to the medical profession? There was no other industry that could be associated with this device except the military. There was no way that anyone other than a medical professional would have used this product. There was no need to market the heated pad to the general public or to businesses.

We can conclude that there were definite marketing decisions that went into the design of the Hot Pad Plus and it is likely that some of the confusion was caused by a misunderstanding of how a real application might work. The most accurate interpretation is that this heated system was simply a false sense of security. The people who bought this system were not actually concerned with the accuracy of the information they were providing or the actual contact duration (which is only important if you are monitoring people all the time).



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