HSDCA Quick Resistive Touchscreen Technology offers mobile employees access to the latest display technologies that are designed for rugged use. The rugged touchscreen display is a great addition to any business that needs an economical, high-performance touch screen for touch screen automation. It offers high-resistance to scratching, scuffing, and heat for long-lasting performance in all work environments. HSDCA Quick Resistive Touchscreen Capacitive Display with Integrated Hub is specifically designed to give a rugged touchscreen display to business workers everywhere. With 10-point capacitance, the 12.5 inch TSD 201 offers Gorilla Glass with an 1,200 Nit high-resolution, touchscreen that is built to give maximum brightness and functionality.

rugged touchscreen display

Power management is important for touchscreen or capacitive displays that have to remain active during prolonged wear and tear. A high performance touchscreen needs power from the device’s battery to keep it running at maximum capacity so a rugged display needs to be able to accept and deliver power changes quickly and efficiently. When designing a rugged display, many companies turn to HSDCA Quick Resistive Touchscreen Capacitive Display with integrated hub for power management. Integrating a rugged display with the most up-to-date technologies, this maximizes battery life and performance.

Military and public safety vehicles have specific requirements for a rugged touchscreen display that will perform well under harsh working conditions. The rugged touchscreen display is also used in medical facilities that require a high-performance, long-lasting display that can be left unattended in the field. In the military, there are special key pads and navigation functions that have to be rugged and able to withstand a number of harsh working conditions. In a public safety setting, this type of display could be left unattended in traffic or in an emergency situation. The versatility of a rugged touchscreen display is crucial in these applications.

Low power consumption is key for portable devices with rugged touchscreen display technology. For vehicles, where multiple displays are needed for passenger safety, a small, low power consuming display would be best. But for larger displays, like the one on a cargo trailer, a large, high power consuming display will provide the most benefit in the long run. In vehicles or cargo trailers that have to remain active over time, long-life batteries are vital. Capacitive touch screen technologies allow for extremely low energy usage.

High-resolution, fully touch-capable displays are also beneficial in industrial applications. A fully touch-capable display is capable of detecting finger activity for instance, and can respond to those finger movements. There is no need to use a bezel button as button control. Instead, the embedded processor controls all the functions of the touchscreen, including operation of the bezel button. Capacitive displays eliminate the need for a bezel button and provide a much more responsive user experience.

Embedded processors are part of the touchscreen technology in many rugged consumer electronic items such as home and vehicle electronics. These processors integrate with the screens to make the multi-touch displays even more responsive and capable of detecting finger motion. They are not, however, part of the LCD panel of the display and must be differentiated from the LCD. These processors can sometimes be incorporated into the LCD itself. All rugged consumer electronics have at least one embedded processor and some have several.



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