industrial fanless computer

Fanless mini form factor industrial computer is now pretty popular for many professional workplaces. They don’t take any significant space on your desk and still produce zero noise. In fact, sometimes you can just mount these mini units behind your monitor.

One of the most important advantages of industrial fanless computer models is their energy efficiency. This is a major plus when it comes to saving on electrical bills. As the smallest units do not have any bulky parts that are required to operate, they are ideal for low-profile industrial PCs. For instance, an ATX sized unit with four standard 120 mm fans can cool approximately five to six square feet of space (depending on the application) at a time. This is about half the space occupied by conventional fanless cooling systems vs one using standard fan.

The most compact of industrial fanless computer systems are also quite efficient. Some of them are only about three inches wide and less than one inch deep. They can fit in corners of any type. There are those that can run silently without consuming much electricity. And there are even some that run entirely off solar power. The solar panels usually have one or more adjustable fans that can be switched on and off as needed.

Some of the best features are those that provide for easy access to all five fans. You can get the industrial fanless computer with the front accessible doors and the back casing using vESA mount brackets. In fact, some of these units are even sold with vESA stands. The main reason why you need this kind of versatility is to allow you to access all five fans without having to clutter your workspace. If you have to clutter your desk, this may not be the ideal option.

One of the best features of these industrial enclosures is the fact that they have very little noise output. The processor inside the case can run quietly when it is not being used. If you would like more information or volume pricing please contact us. The information regarding processor speed, fan speed and additional product features can be obtained by contacting our sales team.

Many people who are interested in purchasing a processor and a number of fans are considering the HPA iSwitched model. This is a completely enclosed system that comes with two processor packs and three fans. It is the perfect choice for embedded systems. The iSwitched offers a neat and simple design. For more detailed information please visit our website.



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